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  • Impact Inkubator

    The first incubator in Croatia that incorporates a daring and innovative program aiming to support the development of business ventures that change society for the better is now receiving applications for its second generation!

  • Impact Inkubator this year is done in collaboration with:

  • Main Features

    Impact Inkubator is spiced up with a high-level of mentoring and experts’ support

    in a uniquely designed & inspirational working space.

    Education & Training

    5 Masterclasses + 3 Learning Villages

    Participants receive a specially crafted educational program that includes Masterclasses (Value proposition & Business Modelling, Validation, Sales & Marketing , Measuring Social Impact and Fundraising & Financing) by several expert partners. A core part of the program emphasizes access to a professional network of experts through the Learning Villages model.

    Mentoring & Tracking

    Our unique mentoring model

    Impact Inkubator participants have access to a pool of talented professionals as mentors. Thus, each venture is provided with expert insight, advice on strategy and on sector-related expertise. Mentors do an initial analysis of the needs of the participants and define a plan for their development. Mentors and participants stay connected by the Key Tracker, a dedicated person to keep them on track. All of this is part of our unique mentoring model.

    Access to seed capital 

    Get cash at the end of the program

    At the end of the incubation process, all ventures will have the chance to pitch for a grant worth €7,500 (available to 3 winners). This year's program includes an extra bonus of €6,300 to be divided among the 3 final winners as a community award from the employees of Zagrebačka Banka as part of Your Choice, Your Project program.

    Community & Space

    A unique office space and supportive community

    We offer 3 months of access to our shared office space at a premium location in the center of Zagreb. By having participants become an Impact Hub Zagreb members, we aim to connect them to a professional network, allowing them to collaborate, share knowledge and develop systemic solutions to the issues they are trying to address.

    Carbon neutral

    A certification for a better world

    As an effort to be environmentally friendly, a special collaboration with the CO2Cut company will enable the 2016 incubation program to earn a carbon neutral certificate for the second consecutive year.

  • - In brief -



    High level 

    of mentoring



    Best place

    to start up

  • We are looking for

    Organizations or teams (with at least 2 members) with business ideas or projects - preferable in prototype phase- related to solve a social problem through entrepreneurship via a for-profit, non-profit or hybrid business. We look for teams with the courage to improve or solve pressing problems in their surroundings and with a clear intention to go from product or service prototype to sales (you can also read the criteria and other important info in this document -pdf) .


    Whether you’re a startup embracing social values, or a social enterprise using technology or other tool to amplify your impact, we are interested in supporting young organisations addressing a social need.


    The focus is on teams that fit the following:


    Impact driven

    Business ideas or projects related to solve a social problem. For example innovative solutions that build opportunities for self-employment, developing employment opportunities for vulnerable groups (persons with special needs, excluded or similar) or providing cost effective solutions to current (or new) social services. Those ideas would preferably include products or services that improve the quality of life of individuals and communities.

    Motivated teams 

    The team should be a minimum of 2 persons, it can be intrapreneurs, small or medium business, or other determined and with the courage to improve or solve pressing problems

    in their surroundings and with a clear intention to go from product or service prototype to sales.

    Sustainable business model

    Teams looking to create a robust and sustainable business model to be financially independent in the future via a for-profit, non-profit or hybrid business.

  • What does Impact Inkubator mean for you?

    For Launching a business

    • Access to seed capital funding

    • Increased visibility and credibility

    • Access to experts and knowledge

    • Lower operating costs by providing a cost effective office space

    For personal development

    • Gives moral support
    • Provides networking opportunities
    • Gets you focused on building organizations that costumers want
    • Increases confidence and entrepreneurial/business skills
  • Mentors and experts

    Luka Abrus


    Luka is CEO of Five, mobile design and development agency with 90 employees, founded in Croatia with offices in Zagreb, Osijek and New York. Five is focused on the US market, helping costumers build their mobile strategy and products. He is also member of the board of Shoutem, a VC funded mobile app creator with 30 employees and 4000+ customers all over the world. Locally he is active as a lecturer, mentor, columnist and author of 3 IT books.

    Tamara Maćašović


    Tamara is the director of the Assurance services unit in PricewaterhouseCooper Croatia. As professional with extended experience within the audit and assurance sector, Tamara has been supporting companies improve their corporate reporting and provides assurance that their systems operate effectively. All of this as part of her involvement for more than 15 years in the Business leadership team of PWC.

    Andrey Shtylenko


    Entrepreneur, investor and business coach with portfolio of businesses including popustolovac.hr, zzzzapp.com, freelance.hr and others. Being an active contributor to the startup community, Andrey is also an author of several coaching programs and lectures on business and personal development, interpersonal communications and networking.

    Luka Sučić


    Luka is member of the Krakow's team of Hub:raum, the acceleration and incubation program of Deutsche Telekom for digital startups. With a background in automotive, education, mobile applications development, e-commerce and other fields, he provides consulting and lecturing services in area of a mobile and digital business development helping new start-ups and ideas to prosper.

    Tina Lee Odinsky Zec


    Tina is a Lecturer and Director of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center at Zagreb School of Economics and Management. Expert in mentoring individuals in the development of business plans and customer focused strategies. A published author, seasoned public speaker and moderator.

    Srdjan Kovačević


    Currently the chairman of the Management Board at Croatian Pension Investment Company Ltd. Srdjan is experience in risk management and finances having him specialized in taking on unusual challenges that won’t easily fit anybody’s job description. He is a passionate supporter of the local entrepreurial ecosystem, sharing his expertise and know how with young entrepreneurs coming from diferent fields.

    Julian Oehrlein


    Julian worked with an early stage financial technology start-up for microfinance, before leaving to co-found Oradian, the software-as-a-service provider, to address challenges facing the financial inclusion industry. Previously, he gained experience in the world of microfinance at the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh and in the operations department of Ujjivan Financial Services in India.


    Sanja Ostroški


    Sanja is cooperative manager at CEDRA, the Croatian organization for the support and development of social entrepreneurship in Croatia. She has extended experience in project management, business consulting, strategic organizational development, and counseling on social employment, social innovation, social entrepreneurship.

    Yann Girard


    Yann is an Entrepreneur who has worked on both sides of the table. He has started, advised and supported several startups throughout the world and has lived and worked in China, the US and Germany.

    Andreja Rosandić


    Andreja is the Sustainability Manager in Central Eastern Europe of NESsT, a well known international organization that develops and catalyzes sustainable social enterprises in emerging markets. She has extended experience in the civil society sector and as project manager in several EU projects. With extended international experience, Andrea focuses her time on building the capacity of future and current social enterprises in the region.


    Jasminka Mužinić


    Curious and innovative in applying common sense (and psychological, scientific insights) into complexities of work and life. She is trained as psychologist, therapist, facilitator and is certified user of Four Rooms of Change method. She is entrepreneur, working in .točkapromjene team as facilitator supporting development of individuals, teams and organizations.


    Mario Živić


    Geek turned consultant turned entrepreneur. As a geek Mario won multiple medals at international olympiads in informatics, as consultant he helped large telecom operators in Japan, China and USA build and optimise their mobile networks more efficiently and finally, as entrepreneur, he is helping companies hire smarter. Mario is a very skilled professional in sales, marketing and product development.

    Ivan Livić


    Ivan Livic is an entrepreneur, and a product manager. He worked in international companies in Zagreb, Kuala Lumpur, Bali and now he is building his professional career in Singapore where he works as a product manager in Lithan Academy. He enjoys mentoring fellow entrepreneurs and learning from more experienced ones. He loves traveling, run marathons, and triathlons and is currently preparing for IronMan 70.3 in Pula.

    Irena Ateljević-Jureta


    An academic and researcher in the fields of sustainable development through community and individual empowerment. Irena firmly believes in connecting theory with practice and her 20 years of experience has led her to express her passion for social justice and human development in numerous projects on economic and social transformation around the world, from Croatia, to New Zealand and the South Pacific, to China and India.

    Ana Raguž


    Ana's experience in business development with a passion for social change, she is involved in projects and ventures including design for impact, social innovation, social entrepreneurship and integral education. She has special way of motivating others which she skilfully uses as a seasoned mentor, particularly to women and youth out to change the world for the better

    Michael Glazer


    Michael is Director and an owner of SEE Regional Advisors. He has over 20 years of experience as an investment banker in Southeastern Europe, and was one of the founders of Auctor Securities, Croatia’s leading independent securities firm. He was the Founding President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Croatia, the first AmCham in ex-Yugoslavia, and is a Founding Vice President of the newly formed Croatian Turnaround Management Association

    Hermes Arriaga


    An entrepreneur and a networker. Hermes is one of the co-founders of Impact Hub Zagreb, and is part of several projects in Croatia related to economic development and entrepreneurship. Since his experience combine commercial skills and business strategy with special focus on social entrepreneurship, Hermes supports new social enterprises and other startups to thrive.

  • Get inspired with these examples

    The following examples are also supported by different Impact Hubs,

    check them out to see how they are using business as a force for good:

    Mobility and independence for all

    e-glas, the Croatian company and also member of Impact Hub Zagreb is behind Serwantess. This product is an electronic device that allows people to control anything with voice. A perfect companion designed to be a good and loyal product willing to assist anybody in need. Special for people with physical disabilities but useful for anyone else.

    Empowering homeless

    According to some estimates, Croatia has over ten thousand homeless people and they find it very difficult to find a job. In cities like Prague, the situation is even worse. But Pragulic, a venture supported by Impact Hub Prague has found a solution to this problem - The homeless find training to become city tour guides!

    Combating financial illiteracy with games

    Three Coins is a cross-country initiative in Europe that is pioneering new solutions to teach financial literacy. Based at Impact Hub Vienna, Three Coins is launching its brainchild called Core Runners, a game for mobile devices where players take financial decisions and learn about money management.

  • Last year testimonials

    Learn from some of our alumni

    Eli Novakovic

    Designer and Owner of Brandlook and initiator of Acro Goal Achiever

    'Impact Inkubator helped me a lot with my product development. It was really awesome to work with mentors individually and in the group. (...)things become (easier) when someone who has been there show you the right path! It's like learning how to run before you start to walk, but the walking is coming there naturally'

    Antun Cerovečki

    Professional photographer and Creator of Undiscovered Landscapes

    'The Incubator takes out the guesswork out of many possible choices future entrepreneurs usually struggle with and replaces it with the clear and understandable plan with measurable results. 

    In a nutshell, if you have a solid idea, this will help you turn it into even better product or service. If not, well, better to fail early, as they say'

  • Application form

    If you answer to the following statements with yes, congratulations! This incubator is for you.


    • I have a business project with other people/team or a spin off from my organization
    • I feel comfortable with receiving and providing feedback from and to other participants
    • I am able to allocate at least 10 hours per week during 3 months (March - May 2016)
    • I can read, write and speak fluently in Croatian and English
    • I will participate actively in all the program activities


    Your application will be reviewed by a decision council consisting of a

    balanced group of individuals coming from Impact Hub Zagreb

    management team and some of its key partners.

    (You can read the criteria of acceptance and other important data here -pdf document).



    get in touch if you have any question or join the mailing list  

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    For the second year, Impact Hub Zagreb a place for innovation, a business center and the biggest community of impact entrepreneurs, brings to you the program that supports social entrepreneurs in strong partnership with the following organisations:

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